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APCOM 2009 MSM, TG and HIV Forum at 9th ICAAP
APCOM presented day-long forum in Bali in 2009

The Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM) is a regional coalition of MSM and HIV community-based organisations, the government sector, donors, technical experts and the UN system. The main purpose is advocating for political support and increases in investment and coverage of HIV services in Asia Pacific. APCOM promotes principles of good practice and lessons learnt by bringing together representatives from diverse groups in an effort to share experience, knowledge and expertise.

Defining "MSM"

“Men who have sex with men” (MSM) is an inclusive public health term used to define the sexual behaviours of males having sex with other males, regardless of gender identity, motivation for engaging in sex or identification with any or no particular ‘community’. The words 'man' and 'sex' are interpreted differently in diverse cultures and societies as well as by the individuals involved. As a result, the term MSM covers a large variety of settings and contexts in which male to male sex takes place.

The Goals of APCOM

Increased investment: from governments, donors and civil society groups and communities in appropriate research and effective interventions for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for men who have sex with men and transgenders in the Asia Pacific region.

Scaled up programmatic, geographic and comprehensive coverage: of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support interventions for men who have sex with men and transgenders in the Asia Pacific.

Strengthen the evidence-base for advocacy, policy development, programming and reducing societal, legal, and institutional obstacles for the above.

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Hijra fashion show in Dhaka
Performer at World AIDS Day event in Kuala Lumpur
Participants from the Pacific at 200 Forum in Bali
MSM CBO street activity in Nepal

Advocacy in Action

Moving from sheer quantity to queer quality:

Emerging HIV and social research issues among MSM and transgender people

By Roy Wadia for APCOM (from Busan, South Korea)

Picture of slide 1 of the PPT
Presentation by Jeffrey Grierson (click to see PDF version)
Picture of slide 1 of the PPT
Presentation by Jan Willem de Lind van Wijngaarden (click to see PDF version)
Picture of slide 1 of the PPT
Presentation by Dr. Thomas Guadamuz (click to see PDF version)
Picture of slide 1 of the PPT
Presentation by Dr. Hoang Tu Anh (click to see PDF version)
APCOM 10th ICAAP activities logo
Theme of APCOM activities throughout ICAAPX

APCOM showcases significant research studies at ICAAP 10 symposium aimed at better understanding the lives of men who have sex with men and the factors that put them at risk

The Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health has showcased significant studies into HIV and social issues among men who have sex with men and transgender persons at the 10th ICAAP, bringing together prominent researchers in this field to share findings with a wider audience including United Nations officials and policymakers, along with HIV prevention, care and support practitioners.

The symposium “Moving from Sheer Quantity to Queer Quality” featured four studies from four countries (click on each title to download the presentation in PDF):
  1. Building strategic research with MSM/LSL communities in Indonesia: Dr. Jeffrey Grierson, Senior Research Fellow, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Qualitative research on adolescent MSM and TG in Pakistan: Implications for programming of sexual health and social support interventions: Conducted for UNAIDS and UNICEF in Pakistan by La Trobe University doctoral candidate Jan Willem de Lind van Wijngaarden who also leads APCOM’s Social Research Advisory Group.
  3. Beyond Numbers: Contextual understanding of HIV risks among adolescents in Thailand: Dr. Thomas Guadamuz and colleagues, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. [Ed. note: This presentation has been slightly altered from original.]
  4. Gender-based violence against MSM in Viet Nam: Dr. Hoang Tu Anh and colleagues, Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP), Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
Q. Is there a growing body of work related to MSM/TG and HIV issues, and what are the main themes addressed across the spectrum? I would say that some interesting work is occurring at the moment, but it is often done by individuals doing Master’s or PhD theses, in isolation from people who may have a need for this information in their work.

Unfortunately social research is too often seen as an add-on, not as a key and integral part of the design and implementation of comprehensive HIV prevention, care and support programs for MSM and TG. The result is that programs are not as effective as they could be, simply because we do not deeply understand the lives of the people we are targeting.

Q. What is the challenge in translating the findings of social research on MSM/TG and HIV issues into concrete work plans and blueprints for action? How can social research connect with epidemiological and other more "technical" research?  And is it being done?  

MORE...complete story here.

Speeches, protests and one very personal story: Laurindo Garcia gives voice to HIV at 10th ICAAP Opening Ceremony

Picture of Laurindo Garcia and Roy Wadia
Laurindo and author of this article, Roy

By Roy Wadia
August 27, 2011

Busan, South Korea -- Like all opening ceremonies at global conferences, the inauguration of the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific wasn’t short on speeches or pomp and circumstance. South Korean officials welcomed the 2000 or so delegates. The UNAIDS chief Michel Sidibe reiterated his organisation’s advocacy and “zero vision” statement, supported by Nafis Sadik, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific. Officials from the World Health Organisation, the Global Fund and the Asian Development Bank made remarks that complimented and complemented each other. There was a moment of drama when protesters interrupted the South Korean Health Ministry’s address, demanding that the government take concrete steps to address debilitating discrimination against the LGBT community, ensure that trade agreements wouldn’t sacrifice universal access to anti-retroviral medication, and a host of other long-simmering issues.

Towards the end of a long evening at the BEXCO conference center in this Korean port city, two speakers representing civil society delivered the “Community Report,” representing the range of communities particularly affected by HIV – including sex workers, women, youth, migrants, people who use drugs, transgender people and men who have sex with men.  Rishita Nandagiri of the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights spoke of issues that are the focus of her coalition, as well as the need for the creation of “safe spaces” for civil society to express itself, for vulnerable populations to be decriminalized and for all marginalized communities to be included as part of the decision-making process on matters pertaining to their health and empowerment.

And then it was the turn of Nandagiri’s co-presenter, a tall, slender young man.  “Anyong haseyo. Good evening friends. My name is Laurindo Garcia, I am Filipino, working as coordinator of two regional networks for men who have sex with men and transgender people, and the Founder of B-Change Foundation.”

See the complete news story here.

Download the full text of Laurindo Garcia's speech (PDF).

Screen shot of Laurindo from monitor live at Opening Ceremony
Laurindo speaking live as seen on conference monitors
Picture of delegates after the Opening Ceremony
APCOM members with Laurindo and UNAIDS Director Michele Sidibe
Picture of community speakers
Laurindo and Rishita Nandagiri after Opening Ceremony
10th ICAAP logo

From the Governing Board

Shivananda Khan

Evidence of the increasing HIV burden that MSM are carrying is finally coming to light, and is now beginning to influence policy making. At last, some governments, donors, and the UN system are taking leadership in scaling up effective responses. A window of opportunity exists in the region right now, and APCOM intends to make a concerted effort to ensure MSM are included in the drive for universal access.

Shivananda is the APCOM Chairperson and Chief Executive of Naz Foundation International and works from their Regional Office in Lucknow, India.

Paul Jansen picture

We, at Hivos, believe in the power of organisations like APCOM, in which a broad coalition works together to improve the situation of MSM and TG in Asia Pacific. We believe that the work APCOM is doing can bring the change that is needed and are proud to support and be part of this important and exciting process.

Paul is the Programme Officer for LGBT Rights and MSM-HIV for Hivos, an APCOM donor partner, and serves as a Donor Sector Representitive on the Board.