Discount Norton Deals Come Handy To Protect Family Devices

 Symantec has announced that it is going to release some really good Norton deals at the end of February. Apparently, these deals will consist both of promo codes (applicable at checkout) and discount links which will activate a 20% discount. The deals of course will be applicable only to the latest security suite, the Norton Security and its extension version, the norton security with backup. Currently the norton security is priced $89,99 for 1 year and $149,95 for the 2 year software.

Why Is Norton Good For Family Use

Apart  from the new coupon policy Symantec is bringing, Norton suite is good for a family because with one purchase you have complete cover on 5 devices. This means, your PCs, laptop, tablets and smartphones. All with just one price. This is very important since all devices are now almost constantly connencted to the internet.

A good anti-virus software is an integral part of keeping your computer up and running. With how integrated computers have become in our lives, it's now more important than ever that we keep them running as well as we possibly can. So this leads us to Norton 2015, the latest update to the line of Norton Security offerings. In this article I will give you a comprehensive review of this software, listing what it is capable of and giving you an idea of whether or not Norton is the correct anti-virus program for you.

Backup Feature

The most important new feature from Norton this year is the ability to back up files that have the potential to be ruined by a virus or malware. For the sum of $10 dollars, Norton will offer you the option of backing up all of your files that you need to protect to the cloud. Norton offers 25 GB of storage at this price point, which will be more than enough to back up your family photos or scans of important documents. If you choose to purchase this software, it is highly recommended that you take this offer. Nothing is worse than losing years of memories or tax forms due to a malware or technology issue.

Design and Simplicity

Norton has vastly up their game in this area this year compared to some of their previous editions. Instead of a three tiered approach to selling their anti-virus software, which can confuse customers who aren't particularly computer savvy, Norton 2015 come in one edition. I found that the design of Norton this year was a lot more intuitive than it has ever been before. Gone are the days of wading through menu after menu trying to find the way to change the scan time, or configure allowed programs and extenders. Norton has also made it easier than ever before to activate a scan manually, this is great if when you accidentally download malware or spyware such as BoBrowser.


This year, Norton is offering their security and anti-virus software for $80, without taking into account a potential coupon use. The price point for the features that they offer could be better, but the customer support more than makes up for it. While there are open source anti-virus programs, having a person who is able to talk to you and guide you through any questions or concerns that you may have is almost invaluable. And with the ability to upgrade your package for 10 dollars to include a 25 GB cloud service, Norton more than earns their price tag this year.

User Reviews

Most users reported being very pleased with Norton Security 2015. Some complained that it slowed down their computers more than what they believe that it should have, but other customers reported no such issues. Apart from that, users haven't commonly lodged any complaints with the software.

Who Is This Product For

Apart from families, Norton 2015 is for people who either aren't that good with computers, or just want a hassle free anti-virus program. There are other anti-virus programs out there that reach Norton's level of features at a comparable price, but most of them do not have such a comprehensive and competent customer support. So if you want an anti-virus program with the option to just set it and forget it, look no further than Norton 2015.


If you're interested in purchasing Norton for your anti-virus needs, here is a link where you can find norton's special deals and get you a better price; or you can visit the company's site and enroll yourself into their regular updates they give to their customers. If you are a current norton user and you want to renew your subscription from one of the older internet security products, you are eligible of a discount, as well, and you and download the new software.

Get Affordable And High-Quality Supplements With The 2015 Vitacost Coupons

To get the latest promo codes for vitacost, just go to Google and search for Vitacost coupons 2015 and you will come up with hundreds of results, from big coupon sites like groupon, retailmenot and to small health blogs, social media profiles and Facebook pages all promoting the company's products. On the other hand, if you are a regular consumer, I recommend you subscribe to the weekly email and get all the latest deals and special discount links for customers. Yesterday, a new coupon was issued:

type the code AFNC55 in the special coupon box at checkout to take $5 of a $55 order.

What is Vitacost

Vitacost is an e-commerce business in the United States that has its headquarters in Boca Raton in Florida. The business deals with selling of supplements, vitamins, games nourishment and natural health and grocery goods. Recently, they started numerous innovative product lines, as well as a fresh sports nourishment line, called the "ARO: Black Series" that contains pre-workout and post-workout recipes, flavored glutamine, protein powders, Creatine and branched-sequence amino acids.

Reason for choosing Vitacost

As far as health essentials are concerned, there is no necessity to forgo the quality for value. In fact, this principle precisely drives the business to offer an extensive array of high-quality Vitacost trademark products to accomplish all of the requirements of your family at affordable prices.

The business offers a number of health products through their massive stock of more than 1100 products, as well as products, such as Quickdots siblingual supplements, Synergy multivitamins, Attack - Recover - Optimize lean meal substitution shakes and protein powders, Glonaturals or Cosmetic Specialties International beauty essentials, the Brew set of gourmet coffee blends and much more.

They also offer a 100% product satisfaction warranty that no other analogous business in the country offers. They have high standards of quality products and they are familiar with the requirements of their customers. Moreover, Vitacost offers a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked, should you not satisfy with them.

When you purchase the products of the business, you can rest guaranteed that you are acquiring the best and high-quality health supplements at the lowest possible cost. It is one among the several ways the business takes the price of healthy living. If you have navigated at you would have noticed that almost all the items are on discount. Enjoy sales throughout the year. Apart from that, you can always use promotional coupons to save even more.

Products of Vitacost

Vitacost offers customers a wide category of products, according to their needs and their budget. Some of the categories of products include gluten free, BPA free, non-GMO, natural, vegetarian and vegan. 

Vitamins and supplements

These products of the business are intended to offer necessary nutrients that may not be available in your regular meals. Whether you require a daily fish oil capsule, multi-vitamin, or exact vitamin (e.g. vitamin D softgels), they have everything you are seeking.

You can trust multi-vitamins and other supplements of the business for the reason that all products are manufactured to the completely highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency. Besides the assured quality, the supplements of the business offer outstanding value when compared to the products of other businesses in the industry.

Food products

Snacking is a serious trade, which is the policy of Vitacost. Due to this, the business manufactures a line of food items that are nutritious, delicious and filling. Their food products range from organic nuts to energetic oatmeal, from which you will discover something to please your longing. 

Their foods and snacks are prepared from first-rate, natural constituents. When you procure these products from them, you have no necessity to worry about mystifying chemicals, unpronounceable ingredients, or counterfeit flavors.

Beauty products

Vitacost offers customers an extensive collection of beauty products for bath and body, anti-aging, hair and essential oils. The unique feature of these products is that all of their products are egg free, paraben free, non-GMO and hypoallergenic, such that they will enhance your beauty rather than damaging the existing beauty.

Customer reviews

Most of the consumers using Vitacost products report that they have not experienced any side effects while using dietary supplements, including the beauty products of the business. Some consumers, having cancer and heart disease report that they observed that their symptoms of these ailments have been reduced to a great extent through the use of the health products of the business. Most of the adolescents using the beauty products of Vitacost had found a permanent remedy for their various skin disorders, particularly acne.


Vitacost is your best resource for discount supplements, vitamins, health foods, and much more. You can get a maximum discount of 50% on all products from the available 40000 products, besides the 100 % money back warranty. All the major coupon websites, like, have updated deals for 2015.

The Advantages For An Enterprise When Offering Online Coupons

A recent research shows that there is a big rise in e commerce, which leads to an increase in the number of consumers who shop online. This online rush gives an opportunity for retailers to put forward strategic deals and coupons. This helps increase the sales and ensures the customers loyalty hence increase the use of coupons. With coupons bargain shopping remains a burning topic and helps you save a lot in spite of an economy showing signs of recovery. Offering these coupons for your online products has the following benefits.

Enhance your brand

A coupon not only offers an opportunity to advertise your discounted products but also advertises your business at large. Featuring your company’s name, address and any other applicable information of your company on the coupon will have distinguished it as one that gives deals attracting them to visit your website hence buy other discounts.

Sell products fast

Offering coupons to your customers is the best way to move your stock fast. This is because you have control over your coupon business books thus can decide the pace at which the coupons are delivered. Like for instance, those intended to sell products quickly can be spread across the internet by the use of affiliate programs or advertising programs.

Promotes your customers’ loyalty

Use of coupons is the best way to reinstate local customers and initiate new ones in your store. This is because coupons targets to bring back customers and increase the likelihood that those customers will keep visiting your store. However, if you offer conflicting coupons, prospects and customers will not return to your online business.

Increase traffic to your website

When you use digital coupons they can go across the internet very fast resulting into great brand awareness hence more traffic on your website. Including item brand names on your coupons is a trick used by internet coupon business to increase traffic. For instance, a customer may be looking for a specific product but through the information, you included on the coupon they are led back to your website. This way, you can get the most out of consumers’ loyalty to product brands.

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